Solo Work


A VR experience designed to cause just enough discomfort on the users by using noise visuals and human shaped objects. Powered by machine learning models to cause the most pain

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Therapy For Orchestra

A game about trying to understand the feelings of the instruments in an orchestra. Be a therapist and a conductor at the same time in this unique game.

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A collection of game ideas that haunted me for a while, that I used to better develop my skills inside the Unity Engine. The result is a collection of sketches exploring different tools.

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I heard so many stories from people that made a lot of money with indie games. This game is the a homage to the ones that didn't make it and an exploration of the successful Gamedev myth

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An exploration game about using your candle to move around spaces that have friends from other times. "The night is something precious, remember to carry your light around."

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A browser exploration game about an old city, where the meaning of the words can revealed the fates of people involved in a big conspiracy.

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The Empty Mind project

The Empty Mind project was an installation in 3 parts, that draws upon the organic and the uncanny. The experience is a constant tension between serenity and chaos

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Shrooms is a 3rd person action game where you control an upcoming Shroom defender on its way to prove its mettle in the arena. Made on the second semester at KADK

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